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Static and dynamic lines have very different causes and subsequently require very different treatments.

Dynamic lines tend to form on the forehead, around the eyes and nose and are caused by repetitive muscle movements. The solution here is to prevent the muscle from moving which in turn reduces these lines.

Static lines such as those found in the nose-to-mouth area are caused by:

Lines deepen with ageing and wrinkles will form - sadly there’s no avoiding it!

Radiesse is a longer lasting dermal filler and volume replacement treatment, often used to help fill severe facial lines and skin folds. Not only does it instantly fill, Radiesse also stimulates collagen formation which helps results last after the product itself dissolves.

This versatile filler can also help to boost a weak chin, strengthen a flattened nose bridge or help define sunken cheek bones.

Ouch factor: 3/10 thanks to anaesthetic cream
Downtime: risk of slight bruising and/or swelling
Result lasts: around one year