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The Modern Facelift

For decades, plastic surgeons have been reversing the effects of ageing with facelift surgery. Greater understanding of how the ageing process affects facial structures, combined with technological advances, has led to increasingly refined techniques, providing women with several lesser invasive options for turning back the clock.


Silhouette lift/one stitch facelift

Great for those in their late 30's to early 50’s who experience sagging jowls or lose cheek definition, the silhouette lift can be performed in under an hour with only light sedation required. This procedure requires no anaesthetic and very little downtime.

Angelica comments: “Technological advances are really making their mark in the field of plastic surgery as scientists and manufacturers respond to plastic surgeons’ demand for lesser invasive, yet effective anti-ageing treatments. I invest a considerable amount of time researching new techniques as they come to market, cherry picking the most effective and safe procedures to give my patients great, natural results with faster recovery times and minimal scarring. The Silhouette Lift or one stitch facelift is a perfect example and is giving very predictable, natural results with very little downtime.”

Minimum Downtime

Angelica’s minimal access surgical Career Facelift® tackles skin laxity (sagging) around the lower face and upper neck, redefining the contour of the upper neck and jaw line. As this minimally invasive surgical option is performed under sedation, the procedure requires less hospital based recovery time so you are able to go home on the same day. Within one week any bruising and swelling should have resolved enough to return to work. Procedures like fillers, laser resurfacing or chemical peels can be carried out in conjunction with this procedure.

Angelica comments: “I tweaked and refined this Career Facelift® option with working women in mind. Time poor yet keen to keep ageing at bay they are looking for alternatives to conventional face lifting techniques.”

Lesser Invasive

Short Scar facelift

This procedure is great for people with early signs of ageing, seeking a gentle lift of the jowl area and middle face. Proper tightening of the facial tissues through an incision hidden well in the hairline, inside and behind the ears and is often combined with neck/chin liposuction to improve neck contouring.

Benefits of the Short Scar Facelift:

Angelica: “Modern plastic surgery demands great results with minimal scarring and to this end, surgical techniques are being continually updated. The current philosophy surrounding facial rejuvenation is to adapt the type of surgical lift to each individual, using their underlying bone structure as a template so when the tissues are re-draped, the face ‘sits’ naturally and is not pulled tight in unnatural fashion. Also, methods have been polished and modified to defy gravity in a more effective way. Instead of only lifting one area surgeons now prefer a combination of lifts to give a balanced result.”

Fully Invasive

Traditional facelift

Over the years the classical (skin only) facelift operation has undergone a number of modifications aimed at improving the overall results. Some of these modifications include the deep (S.M.A.S.) lift, chin fat removal and remodelling of the neck muscles.

Angelica: "In my opinion this SMAS technique is not really necessary as the short scar facelift gives patients the results they're searching for - with less downtime and discomfort."