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Non Invasive
Anti Wrinkle Treatments

As we age the skin inevitably loses its elasticity and becomes thin and sagging resulting in those, often dreaded, wrinkles. Genetics plays a big part in deciding how lined our faces become but other major influences such as sun exposure, diet and smoking have a huge role.

Some lines appear only during facial movement (dynamic) whilst others are present at rest (static).

Lines and wrinkles can be managed in varying ways and Ms Kavouni will devise an individual programme to suit, depending on your skin type and desired result.

Ms Kavouni offers the option of using a number of facial rejuvenation treatments combined or in isolation. For deeper lines that are continually visible, absorbable (hyaluronic acid) or semi-permanent (Aphrodite Gold) fillers can be used.

New advances in the field of facial rejuvenation have resulted in cutting edge treatments such as Sculptra (Poly-L-lactic Acid used to combat major fat losses) and Macrolane (a long lasting hyaluronic acid used to contour the body) both available at Ms Kavouni’s clinic.