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Yes, Teck Neck does exist!

Yes, Teck Neck does exist!

2015, Good HousekeepingView PDF


Desktop and close monitor work resulted in deepening frown and forehead lines but with the increased use of hand and lap-held gadgets, horizontal neck lines are now becoming more visible, earlier.

Repetitive up and down movements of your head can cause furrows and folds along the neck. With very little fat 'padding' in the neck area, lines and wrinkles tend to show.

Prevention is obviously the key to avoid early neck lines - try raising hand held gadgets closer to eye level (not easy we know!) Keeping neck skin well moisturised can also be effective and serums can really improve skin texture - we like the Obagi Vit C serum.

If you need extra help then of course there are both surgical and non-surgical solutions. We are seeing good results with Fraxel fractional laser therapy, Thermage radiofrequency and botulinium toxin - often in combination.