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Best for saggy knees, Thermage

Best for saggy knees, Thermage

2014, TatlerView PDF


The lowdown Don‘t swerve skirts just because your knees aren‘t what they used to be. A tried-tested favourite, Thermage is being used in a new way to snap things back into shape. Clamber onto the treatment table, where your knees and surrounding skin will be marked with chessboard-like squares - the target areas. For the next hour, a vibrating device is held over the area, shooting radio waves deep into the dermis. This causes a heat reaction that whips collagen levels into a frenzy, restoring firmness and elasticity.

Pain factor Nothing to shout about. If anything, the jiggling motion of the machine is actually rather relaxing.

Downtime None. Go home and forget about it. If you haven‘t already.

Results An immediate difference to skin - tighter, tauter, less wrinkly. And this keeps improving with time. You only need one treatment - the effects will last for two to four years.

Who to see Angelica Kavouni at Cosmetic Solutions, 129 Harley Street, W1 (cosmetic-solutions.co.uk; 020 7486 9040). From £1,800.