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Eat bruised apples, wink a lot and sleep on silk

Eat bruised apples, wink a lot and sleep on silk

2009, The WeekView PDF

Wrinkle treatments

Always eat bruised apples. Wink a lot. And sleep on silk. The advice comes from an assortment of medical professionals questioned by the Mail as to what they themselves do to stay healthy and well.

I found their ideas more interesting than the usual array of magic health tips you find in the papers. Bruised apples for example, are recommended by a GP because the tissue in the decomposing peel contains an aspirin-like substance which thins the blood.

A leading optometrist advises regular winking as a way to monitor changes in eyesight: "if you can'i wink, place one hand over each eye". She also eats plenty of greens like broccoli and spinach because they're good for the eyes.

The "radio doctor" - Phil Hammond says dogs are good for you because the "social interaction" between them and their owners can lower blood pressure.

I bet you hadn't thought of cleaning the back of your tongue with your toothbrush but that's what a top dentist does; he says our tongues "harbour lots of smelly bugs".

And a chiropractor says never sit with anything in your back pocket: it lifts one side of your pelvis and this contorts your joints.

But my favourite piece of advice comes from Angelica Kavouni, a Harley Street plastic surgeon. If you feel like splashing out on silk sheets she'd approve: she always sleeps on silk, she says, so that her skin "glides rather thin drags across the fabric, reducing the chances of wrinkles - particularly those in the nasal labial fold between mouth and nose".