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Beauty and cosmetic surgery guide the Xpert factor

Beauty and cosmetic surgery guide the Xpert factor

2009, TatlerView PDF


The Expert Factor

The Names
Angelica Kavouni

Cosmetic surgeon who trained under Dai Davies and was Jan Stanek's assistant for three years before setting up on her own.

Macrolane body-contouring injections to reshape breasts and bottoms.

Cosmetic Solutions, Harley Street (tel:020 7486 9040; cosmetic·solutions.co.uk). She also uses theatres at the Cadogan Clinic (tel:020 79018500; cadoganclinlc.com).

Secret weapon
Her immaculate stitching technique. She makes sutures on the inside of the skin to help wounds heal quicker and is constantly researching the best scar creams.

"I practise what I preach - most of the non-invasive treatments I perform, I have tried myself."

Macrolane from £2,800