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Health secrets the experts live by

Health secrets the experts live by

2009, Marie ClaireView PDF

Angelica Kavouni

The plastic surgeon
Shower with ground coffee beans. Dr Angelica Kavouni says: "I use old coffee grounds as a shower scrub to improve cellulite. The caffeine helps to break down the lumpy appearance."

The physiotherapist
Wear two bras for sport. Sammy Margo says: "If I exercise, I always wear a normal bra and then a sports bra on top. This prevents the ligaments in my breasts from being stretched."

The optometrist
Go easy on the eyeliner. Susan Blakeney, adviser to the College of Optometrists, says: "I only ever apply eyeliner to the skin outside the eyelashes - not the "wet" inner bit most people apply it to. The wet area has tiny little glands that can become blocked, causing infections such as styes."

The homeopathic physician
Take marine extract. Dr Deborah McManners says: "I take a marine extract supplement called Vivscal and credit it for my thick, shiny hair. It provides all the right kinds of amino acids and proteins to encourage hair growth."

The nutritionist
Snack on crunchy foods. Amanda Ursell says: "If I'm feeling stressed, I try to snack on healthy, crunchy foods such as raw carrots, celery and apples. The physical effort of eating something crunchy, and the noise, help relieve stress."

The osteopath
Hang upside down. Danny Williams, Council Member of the British Osteopathic Association, says: "I hang upside down using ropes for 10 to 15 minutes once a week to stretch my spine. Or sit with your back against the sofa arm, legs on the sofa, then reach your arms over your head and try to touch the floor - it has the same effect."

The dentist
Use tooth mousse. Dr Uchenna Okeye, dentist to Channel 4's 30 Years Younger, says: "I carry a product called Tooth Mousse in my bag in case I get tempted to eat chocolate. It seals teeth in a protective layer, stopping damage from sugary foods."

The acupuncturist
Massage your nostrils. Pamela D'Alberto says: "Applying firm pressure with two fingers to the dips either side of your nostrils and massaging clears nasal congestion symptoms like magic"

The general practitioner
Eat bruised apples. Dr Richard Deacon says: "I choose bruised apples rather than perfect ones because decomposing apple peel contains salicylic acid, as aspirin-like substance that helps thin the blood and reduce the risk of disease."

The naturopath Pop a magnesium supplement. Stephen Langley says: "I swear by taking 300mg of magnesium citrate every night before bed. It relaxes the muscles and calms the nervous system through its action on the adrenal gland. This ensures I have a good quality sleep every night."