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Beat the bloat, you don't need to diet if you want tauter bits

Beat the bloat, you don't need to diet if you want tauter bits

2009, CosmopolitanView PDF

Eyebag mesotherapy

Water retention could be causing you puffiness, and solutions can be quick and easy.

Not happy with your puffy body or sleepy, swollen eyes after a winter of comfort food as curling up on the sofa?

There's no need to launch into a pre-beach crash diet and Google "eye surgery" - Cosmo's got the solution. Some of our advice is as simple as changing what you eat; some of it involves the latest salon treatments - all of it's designed to help boost your body confidence.

The eye de-puffer

Puffy eye bags can be the result of lifestyle (the bloat-busting programme, left, will help), sinus problems or fat accumulation, eye bag mesotherapy can help in these cases (make sure your therapist assesses your suitability), but it's not for the faint hearted.

After an anaesthetic cream is applied, a tiny needle injects the eye area with a blend of homeopathic medicines, vitamins and botanicals. As you go about your day, the mixture breaks down fat cells and drains excess fluids.

Cosmo was left with swelling that lasted a few days, and some small bruises that were easy to cover up, but took two weeks to fade. You have three more 45-minute appointments over a month, all uncomfortable but not painful.

The result? Our eyes have deflated, and we no longer wake up looking like we've been crying. A yearly top-up might be necessary, but you might think it's worth it, given the outcome.

£100 per treatment or £350 for four, at Angelica Kavouni, www.cosmetic-solutions.co.uk.