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Is this TV's most gruesome show?

Is this TV's most gruesome show?

2004, The SunView PDF

Body sculpture

As a drama, Nip/Tuck is very gripping. But in terms of showing how the plastic surgery industry works, it is pure sensationalism. It does not represent the reality of surgery. Plastic surgeons have undergone years of training.

Bad guy Dr Troy is shown seducing women in order to suggest surgical improvements and gain them as clients. This could never happen as all surgeons are bound by a strict code of ethics.

Some scenes were totally unrealistic. However, I think viewers are mature enough to know the difference between drama and real life. I don’t think people will assume surgeons are drug – dealing money launderers just because they have seen it on TV!

You couldn’t learn anything about a surgical procedure from the programme. The TV surgeons do not even draw the lines in the correct places for the patients.

As a view of the industry it is a total misrepresentation, but as a drama it is great entertainment. Watch it for fun and nothing else.