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Cheek Augmentation

Balance and harmony is at the core of most cosmetic facial surgery, in the case of cheek augmentation this might involve boosting the definition of congenitally "flat" cheek bones or replacing the volume lost during the ageing process.

Silicone cheek implants are safe and durable, enhancing your appearance and bolstering your self esteem for a lifetime.

Younger patients may seek implants to bring better balance to their features, whilst the more mature person may choose to have an implant placed in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure. For example, during a facelift, a patient may wish to have implants placed over the cheekbones to help restore a fuller, youthful appearance.

Angelica: "Thanks to improved selection and longevity of facial fillers, cheek implants are being used less, however they are still a great tool to boost natural looking facial contours."