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Injectable fat fix is the ideal treatment for those gym resistant stubborn bits

Healthy eating combined with an active lifestyle will help keep your figure trim, but many of us still have areas that could do with a little help - Aqualyx offers a safe, non invasive way to sculpt the body.

With no recovery time involved, this treatment is very popular with both men and women who are looking for a discreet way to trim their body shape.

Angelica: "Aqualyx is a great addition to the non-invasive fat removal systems already in place in the clinic. Stubborn fat pockets have historically been tricky to remove and really don't require surgical intervention. With this injectable treatment we can target specific areas and know that the fat will be dissolved and removed safely from the body - by the body."

What is Aqualyx?

Made from naturally occurring fat digestion enzymes, Aqualyx destroys the fat cell lining so the cell breaks down and the debris is then removed by natural body cleaning processes - usually via the liver. CE approved Aqualyx is both biocompatable (compatible with all parts of the body) and biodegradable (able to break down naturally and cause no harm)


One of the key benefits of Aqulayx is that only a minor amount of injection volume is required to treat an area so the number of injections required is minimised and, when combined with anaesthetic, the treatment becomes virtually painless. 2-8 sessions 4 weeks apart

Is it permanent?

The fat cells that are removed through the treatment will not return. However the fat cells that are left behind can become engorged and enlarged to compensate if diet and exercise levels are not maintained.

After care

Ouch factor: 2/10