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The Factor Vampire Facelift

The PRP lift, a non-invasive anti-ageing treatment, a gift from you to you.

Ms Angelica Kavouni introduces PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet therapy) to her anti-ageing armoury, this is the latest, scientifically based, non-invasive facelift that works from within and the favourite anti-ageing weapon of actress Anna Friel.

Concentrated, protein rich, Powerhouse plasma cells are isolated from a patient's blood sample and then re-injected into their perceived problem areas for plumping, lifting and rejuvenating.

Often termed the "vampire lift"

The procedure with POW factor: Angelica takes a blood sample, which is then spun in the office centrifuge. The platelets separate from other blood components and are collected for re-injection. The collected liquid is jammed with Powerhouse Cells, an essential mix of plasma particles, a blend of healing proteins and stem cells.

Ouch factor: With topical anaesthetic cream to numb the pinpricks, this treatment is virtually pain free. Expect some local swelling and perhaps bruising around the injection sites.

Eligibility: Able to both prevent and reverse symptoms of ageing, women of all ages are eligible 30+ fine lines, under eye creping, sunken cheeks, early jowls, nose-to-mouth lines, crêpy décolletage, veiny hands

Results Angelica: "I am seeing some great results with PRP therapy, which uses natural healing properties of the blood to replace skin cells and bolster collagen fibres. Not only does the skin lift and plump from beneath, but also the surface itself seems to glow. My patients are very pleased as they really begin to see a return to youthful skin."

1 – 3 sessions may be required spaced 4-6 weeks apart.