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New tricks, best of excess baggage AQUALYX

New tricks, best of excess baggage AQUALYX

2015, TatlerView PDF


The lowdown. Perhaps you’ve dieted; maybe you’ve already blown thousands on swanky gym membership. So why is it that your bottom refuses to morph into the neat peach you yearn for; that your waist snubs all attempts to make it slimmer and shapelier? Is there nothing to be done, bar liposuction, when your knees remain resolutely chunky? (how does one lose flab from the knees, anyway?)

Thankfully, there is. Because the latest body contouring treatment to wage war on localised fat deposits is AQUALYX – and we’re excited about it. How it works is this: problem area identified, the Aqualyx (a naturally occurring fat-digesting enzyme) is injected into fleshy bits via flexible cannulae (the amount used depends on the surface area to be treated but two incision points – fon a area the size of your palm – is the norm).

Here, it gets to work breaking down fat cells - liquefying them, if you like. The body will dispel the stored lipids naturally, through the liver. And that’s it. Simples.

Pain factor. Far from comfortable. There’s anaesthetic in the solution, which makes it sting, though topical numbing cream can be applied half an hour beforehand. On the plus side, the treatment is over swiftly – 10 minutes, max.

Downtime. Nothing that’ll stop you going about your daily routine, but there is significant swelling, bruising and redness. Keep treated areas under wraps for the following week or so, until everything looks, as it should.

Results. Two to four sessions, six weeks apart, are recommended. But, course complete, blubbery bits are undeniably diminished. And they’ll stay that way as long as you stick to a healthy diet and exercise, mind you.

Who to see. Angelica Kavouni at Kosmesis, 129 Harley Street W1 (cosmetic-solutions.co.uk; 0207 486 9040). Form £450