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Embracing the next generation LipoSonix machine

Embracing the next generation LipoSonix machine

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We interview plastic surgeon Ms Angelica Kavouni about why she's embracing the next generation LipoSonix machine and get her to explain its fat-melting, inch-busting benefits.

Q How does Liposonix stand out compared to other fat-reduction systems on the market?

A Liposonix is quite unique among other fat removal machines as it utilises high intensity ultrasound - this means you get good results with just one treatment. You may wish to repeat the treatment in the future but you don't have to do a course of six or twelve treatments as you do with other systems.

It also doesn't require anything from the patient post procedure to get the best results - some treatments demand that the patients follow a strict diet and exercise regime and you wonder how much of the results are down to that compared to the procedure itself. Obviously you should follow a healthy diet but that's just common sense.

Q How long have you been offering LipoSonix to your patients?

A I have had a lot of experience in ultrasound energy being used to damage, and thereby remove, fat cells from the body. It's effectiveness has been very well demonstrated, but it's been a case of finding the best system to deliver this ultrasound energy.

I've been using Liposonix for three years and recently upgraded to the second generation machine because of the benefits it offers to both patient and practitioner.

Q What are these differences?

A They have changed how the energy is delivered so it's faster and provides a much more comfortable patient experience. Previously, patients would describe the Liposonix procedure as painful but now they report that it is uncomfortable but very well tolerated on even the highest setting.

There is little difference to the downtime - you are able to resume all activities and exercise immediately after the procedure. About 40 per cent of patients will suffer from significant bruising which can leave you quite tender afterwards but that should settle after a week.

The manufacturers have also introduced Custom Contouring - this means you can use it on curved area such as around the thighs or buttocks whereas previously it could only be used on the abdomen and flanks.

Q Are there any other benefits to the LipoSonix device?

A The number one concern of patients when they are about to embark on a fat removal procedure is whether they will be left with sagging skin afterwards. This is extremely unlikely unless the skin has lost a lot of elasticity through the ageing process or due to sun damage and I would be able to identify this and alert the patient at the consultation.

After the ultrasound energy permanently damages the fat cells, the body slowly metabolises them and then flushes them out of the body over a period of a couple of months. The skin will naturally shrink during this process. There is also some evidence of skin tightening as the heat helps contract the collagen.

It is difficult to quantify these results and LipoSonix is not a skin tightening system but there is definitely a degree of skin tightening that takes place.

Q What's the ideal patient for Liposonix?

A The ideal patient is within the normal BMI weight range with localised areas of fat. It can also be used on patients in the "overweight" band from 25 to 30. They will get the one non loss but for a patient who has a BMI of 30 then that one inch will be less noticeable. However this can be the kick start to embracing diet and exercise.

Q Can LipoSonix be combined with other procedures?

A I have had patients who've been happy with the Liposonix results but they want a bit more. I explain that they can either have another Liposonix treatment or might want to consider liposuction. Whereas before they might have been reluctant to have liposuction, they are much more confident once they've undergone a successful Liposonix treatment.

It also works the other way round. Liposuction has quite a high revision rate as you have to use a lot of fluid which can affect the surgeon's perception - it is easy to be left with a little bit of unevenness or fat pockets. This line contouring work can now easily be achieved with the second generation Liposonix machine.

It can also be combined with skin tightening treatments - if the skin is not in great condition I will recommend that patients will also benefit from a Thermage treatment as well.

Q Do you see a trend of patients requesting non-invasive permanent fat reduction?

A It has been a key trend for some years now - in both the face and body - for patients to demand non-invasive procedures. The second generation LipoSonix device is part of this drive to get the best results in a safe and effective way with little downtime.