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Kate Southwell hated her bingo wings so much that she underwent a painful cosmetic surgery

Kate Southwell hated her bingo wings so much that she underwent a painful cosmetic surgery

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Arm lift

Kate Southwell hated her bingo wings so much that she underwent a painful cosmetic surgery procedure, just as Ulrika Jonsson did recently...

When Katy Southwell lost fat and shrunk from a size... to a size-12 she thought being slim would make her happy. But instead the 30 year old mum of two was left with saggy boobs and loose skin under her arms...in stretch marks.

Over the years she... every day, but her boobs and arms just refused to firm up.

My only hope was surgery, but I couldn't afford it with two kids - James, 10 and Jordan, 11 to look after.

Then, four years ago, her family bought her a gift - a boob job.

The op was nerve recking, but once the swelling went down, I was delighted with the results...

But one thing will let her down - her wobbly arms. They looked more out of place and made Katy feel 10 times more self-conscious.

I was so depressed that my dad, David, 65, offered to pay $4,500 for an arm-lift. "If it will make you happy, It will be worth it"he told me. I was so happy I couldn't thank him enough.

At the consultation, the surgeon, Angelica Kavouni, explained that, as well as the normal health risks of surgery. Katy would have...under arm bruising. But she told Angelica "I'll live with it if it will...y bingo wings."

On the day of the operation in January 2007, Katy felt calm.

Probably because at my boob job I knew what to expect.

After the surgery she left...OK.

I was desperate to see my new arms, but I had to wait until my bandages were removed a week later for the results.

The painkillers wore off after a few days and I felt sore - I had cushiness under each arm, propping them up. But told myself it would all be worth it.

A week later, the nurse removed the bandages and rubbed a special cream into her scars to help her healing process.

Although my arms looked really tight and toned, I was shocked by the large scar running under my armpit to my elbow. But the nurse reassured me it would fade in time.

By the third week, Katy went back at work. It's...been two years since the operation, and she couldn't be happier.

My scar has faded to a faint hairline scar and I can wear strappy tops with confidence. It changed my life, and I'm finally happy in my skin.

Axilla-plasty explained

Angelica Kavouni says: "The axilla is the medical term for armpit and "plasty" the procedure in which the shape of a tissue is altered or enhanced. It is used to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper arm. arm tissue relaxes and pulls with ageing, gravity and weight loss, resulting in stretched and excess skin that no amount of exercise will improve. The upper arms seem most vulnerable, as women tend to store excess fat and have less supporting muscle tone here. This operation involves removing excess skin along the underside of the arm, leaving a thin scar. The most common incision extends from the elbow to the armpit.

Risks include scarring, swelling of the arm and hands, infection, bruising and bleeding. Nerve injury can result in numbness and change in feeling. Recovery takes one to two weeks."

Cost £4,000, www.cosmetic-surgery.co.uk, Tel: 020 7486 9040.

Ulrika loves her new arms

She may be 41, with four children but Ulrika Jonsson says she's never felt better, thanks to a recent breast operation and surgery to remove her "bingo wings".

The celebrity Big Brother winner, who admitted that, as a teenager, she was a 32AA bra, put on...during her most recent pregnancy with fourth child Malcolm, and saw her breasts balloon to a massive 34 cup.

After following a healthy eating and gentle exercise plan, Ulrika went under the surgeon's knife to have her breasts reduced and uplifted to a 32C, as well as opting to have axilla-plasty - to remove the excess fat that she had hanging underneath her arms.

I just wanted to repair what Mother Nature had inflicted on me during years of childbearing and rearing. It has taken me 41 years to feel this good - this has really changed my life.

Despite the pain, Ulrika reckons the £6,000 for breast remodelling and £4,000 for arm surgery was money well spent.

It's great to be able to wear a bikini without feeling self-conscious. I'm truly content with the shape that I am in.

Ulrika, who lives with American art directorm husband Brian Monet - has a 13 year old son, Cameron, by ex-husband John Turnbull, a daughter Bo, seven, by German Markus Kempen, and three year old Martha from her marriage to Lucas Gerrard-Wright.

The last pregnancy really took its toll on my body. I'm coming up to 42 next month, but for once, I can honestly say I am completely happy.

Madonna's in a flap

Poor old Madge. Despite two hours of intensive exercise every day she is still fighting a losing battle against bingo wings. The 50 year old queen of pop revealed the droopy skin on her triceps and around her elbows, as she waved to some fans outside a restaurant in Milan last week. Will she be next to for axilla-plasty?