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Can a needle make you prettier? Mini lip plumping

Can a needle make you prettier? Mini lip plumping

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Thank goodness, the trout pout has had its day. But that doesn't mean lip enhancement is out of the question - fuller, natural-looking lips can still be yours. "It's prettier to just have a little filler around the lips to define them," says Clarissa Nadler. Plastic surgeon Angelica Kavouni uses a little filler to build up the philtrum, the soft little ridge between your nose and top lip. Other practitioners will often just treat the upper lip to make it turn up to look sexier, or emphasise the bow shape of the lips.

The downside: As with procedures around the eyes, this is also an incredibly tender area; some people say it's excruciating, though with the right anaesthetic it can be painless.

How long does it last? Six to nine months

Price: From £450

Who does it? Angelica Kavouni (020 7486 9040, www.cosmetic-solution.co.uk)