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Trick or treatment - the 45 minute boob job

Trick or treatment - the 45 minute boob job

2008, Marie ClaireView PDF


It's the new injectable breast enhancing treatment that provides an immediate boost. Anel Lamine couldn't wait to try it out.

Ever since I was a teenager I've been self-conscious about my breasts. As a 32A, I could never wear anything revealing, bikinis were a nightmare, and I've spent a fortune on removable bra pads - or "chicken fillets" as I call them. For years now, I've been convinced that bigger boobs would make me feel better about my body.

When I read about this injectable treatment, it seemed the perfect option - a chance for me to go up a cup size and, because the procedure isn't permanent (it lasts up to 12-18 months), I'd be able to road-test my new shape before going all the way with a full augmentation.

I book a consultation with a very experienced surgeon, Angelica Kavouni. My main concern is the safety of the treatment, but Kavouni is reassuring: "We use a non-animal hyaluronic acid in gel form, called Macrolane, which is the same stuff that has been used in fillers for the face for many years. Also, hyaluronic acid already exists within your body, so it is not recognised as a foreign substance."

After Kavouni has positively assessed my suitability for the treatment, I book an appointment for two weeks time. On the day of the procedure, I am so nervous I can hardly speak. First I am told to undress, then to lie on the treatment couch while my breasts are injected with anaesthetic. Once Kavouni is satisfied that my breasts are numb, a small nick is made in each breast and a cannula is used to push the Macrolane under the breast tissue.

Although I don't feel any pain, I can feel the cannula moving around; it is a weird sensation. After around 45 minutes it's all over, with the small openings having been closed up with one stitch. My skin feels extremely tight where it is stretching to accommodate my bigger breast size, but when I see my reflection in a mirror, I am delighted. For the first time in my life, I have a cleavage. I stand staring at myself, fascinated by the sight.

I am told to go home, rest, take painkillers for discomfort and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Two weeks later, I still have a whacking bruise on my left breast but, apart from that, I'm thrilled with the results. Just a few days ago, I went bikini shopping and, for the first time in my life, I can actually fill one.

This treatment has given me a taste of what fuller breasts mean for me. I feel much more feminine and my confidence has grown tenfold, so it's likely that in the next couple of years I'll go for a full augmentation. Until then, though, I couldn't be happier with what I've got.

The treatment costs from £3,000.