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Symmetria Partnership with Dr. Angelica Kavouni

Symmetria Partnership with Dr. Angelica Kavouni

21st September, 2016

Minimum Intervention - Maximum Effect

Symmetria is a splendid example of a world-class anti-aging institute meticulously designed with patient care and comfort in mind, all whilst staying true to their philosophy of ‘minimum intervention for maximum effects’.

Established in 2005 by plastic surgeon Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, a surgeon with global distinctions, Symmetria became a state-of-the-art medical and beauty clinic, well-known around the world. Dr Metaxotos vision of creating an environment whereby individuals can come and receive elite services to improve their appearance soon became a very pragmatic reality not only for locals, but also for international visitors who choose Symmetria for its high aesthetic standards, excellent reputation and advanced techniques in facial rejuvenation, non-invasive anti-aging techniques and body reshaping.

The comprehensive range of services offered, the well-trained staff, the prestigious credentials of the physicians on board, and its innovative luxury skincare collection all meet the needs of the clinic’s most demanding clients. It is no wonder that international press has branded Symmetria as one of the top cosmetic clinics around the world.

Moreover, Symmetria has been awarded with the Best Clinic Award from the prestigious European Business Assembly for its impeccable services and skilled staff.

Symmetria partnership with Dr. Angelica Kavouni

Symmetria’s years of expertise as a successful brand, has prompted them to partner with the prestigious clinic of Dr. Angelica Kavouni in London due to the fact that they share a common ground for offering top-tier services to their loyal clients. International travellers are able to enjoy the same or similar treatments and services offered by both clinics at a very high standard.

Read more about Symmetria at symmetria.com

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