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The pressure to maintain the looks of a 25 year old

The pressure to maintain the looks of a 25 year old

19th March, 2014

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In a recent interview, Cameron Diaz bemoaned the pressure to maintain the looks of a 25-year old. This may be true in Hollywood but not in real life, says Ms Angelica Kavouni.

At 40 years old, it is unrealistic to want to look 25. To do so brings with it the risk of looking odd and unnatural rather than younger and fresh faced.

My patients certainly don‘t ask to look 25 - they just want to look healthy and glowing. They understand that maybe turning the clock back 5 or so years is a bonus!

As we become increasingly aware of what happens to the skin as it ages, so the ways of slowing (not stopping mind you!) the ageing process become more effective and less invasive.

Skin-cell renewal and collagen boosting are at the core of many anti-ageing treatments today. I prefer to stick to the tried and tested ways to achieve this - my favourites being the Obagi Radiance peel, Fraxel laser, Clear + Brilliant mini laser and Thermage. I tend not use any of these in isolation, preferring to offer a combination of therapies that will give optimum results.

Hands, décolletage, necks and faces - all parts of the body can benefit from these treatments. Moreover, as no individual'skin is the same as the next, we carefully devise bespoke plans for each patient.

It‘s an exciting time for us plastic surgeons, as we can now offer so much more than the proverbial knife in battle against ageing. But as it really still an ageing battle? Not these days in my opinion - it‘s become more of a gentle grapple. Treatments have become less invasive with results more natural and subtle.

Come on, Cameron, look after your skin and look 35...we won‘t tell!

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