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The Modern Facelift

Modern plastic surgery demands great results with minimal scarring and to this end, surgical techniques are being continually updated. The current philosophy surrounding facial rejuvenation is to adapt the type of surgical lift to each individual, using their underlying bone structure as a template so when the tissues are redraped, the face 'sits' naturally and is not pulled tight in unnatural fashion. Many plastic surgeons have embraced new techniques so patients can choose a more natural alternative to the classic 'Hollywood wind tunnel effect' facelift.

Methods have been polished and modified to defy gravity in a more effective way. Instead of only lifting one area surgeons now prefer a combination of lifts to give a balanced result. It is important that the underlying muscles (S.M.A.S.) are tightened for a longer lasting result.

Angelica: "The short scar facelift has become a preferred technique for those patients who experience slight/early jowl formation, typically mid forties. This procedure tightens the jowl and can be combined with neck liposculpture resulting in a much fresher look that should last up to 4 - 6 years. The short scar facelift can be combined with an endoscopic brow lift to raise a heavy brow and give the eyebrows an even, natural arch."

For a heavier jaw line with obvious jowls and loose skin the traditional or lower facelift is still the best choice and often the neck is tightened at the same time through a neck lift.

To make things more confusing the middle part of the face can be lifted with a midface lift using Endotine devices resulting in fuller cheeks and lessening the nose to mouth lines. The Endotine system has revolutionised the midface lift, innovative 'tine' devices, grasp the cheek tissue gently but securely and elevate it (and all overlying cheek tissue layers) to a new position leaving clean, sculpted lines.