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Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples are a common problem causing a lack of confidence and embarrassment. A simple 60 minute office procedure can put an end to your distress.

Angelica: "I see a large number of women with this problem, from women planning pregnancies and worried about breastfeeding to middle aged women finally sorting out a problem that has been dogging them for years."

Why do they occur?

For an unknown reason connective tissue can build up underneath which pulls it down, becoming inverted. The goal of this surgery is to cut the connective tissue 'releasing' the nipple so it can project normally.

Three grades:

Who is eligible?

You really ought to be over 25 years before having surgery as the process of puberty can 'release' the nipple naturally.

In a few cases inverted nipples can be a symptom of breast cancer so make sure you see your GP before embarking on this journey.

Risks after nipple correction:


The small stitch will dissolve over time and you will need to see Angelica a week after the procedure. The area has to be kept dry.

Results are instant although there will be some local swelling and maybe a bruise or two.