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New technology brings women a real choice for natural breast enhancement (with the added bonus of a little liposuction too)

Dual function body sculpting, new age gentle fat removal allows for sustainable fat harvesting, enabling a one breast cup size boost, without silicone gel implants.

Until now, fat transfers have been rather hit and miss, with harvested fat cells being damaged to such an extent, that a large number didn't survive.

A new concept in body sculpting, Body-jet, enables fat to be removed, contained and reused in way that protects the valuable fat cells, giving them a superior survival rate when compared to any other fat harvesting device.

How does it work?

This innovative device uses jets of water to gently break up the fatty tissue, isolating fat cells, which are then removed by a patented cannula. Fat is stored in a special canister, which keeps the fat fresh and sterile until it is injected back into the target area. This method also avoids damage to blood vessels, nerves and surrounding tissue.


Fat can be inserted anywhere in the body but mainly the most commonly treated areas are the face and breasts.


Angelica: "Unlike traditional liposuction, we're not relying on the manual ripping and tearing to remove fat, instead using water to gently release it. The Body-jet system offers surgeons the first real, and scientifically proven, way to harvest sustainable fat."