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Chin Augmentation

Facial proportions have a significant bearing on the aesthetics. A small chin can make the person feel that they have a large nose, because the profile is unbalanced. Similarly a chin of excessive size can look pointy and unsightly.

One of the main considerations in rebalancing the chin shape is to understand whether the dental occlusion (the way the teeth meet) is in harmony. If the occlusion is also problematic, most of the times it is necessary to take the route of orthognathic surgery which requires careful orthodontic preparation and evaluation that often spans over one to two years.

Most of the times though, the occlusion is good to satisfactory, and the disproportion related to the chin can be dealt individually, or as is often the case in combination with a nose reshaping.

The chin can be increased in size either by repositioning the lowermost part of the mandible (jawbone) which is known as sliding genioplasty.

The other option is to use an implant which can be either silicone or a semirigid material. In our practice we prefer to use the Medpor material for reasons that will be discussed in detail at the consultation. For more information regarding these products, please visit the manufacturer's website at www.porex.com.

Reduction in the size of the chin can be done either through reshaping the bone with a burr or via a sliding genioplasty where the bone is pushed back and fixed in position.

The operation is normally carried out under a general anaesthetic, but as a day case.

Expect the bruising and swelling to settle for the most in 7 to 10 days.