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Testimonials, Thank you Cards and Patient Diaries

Dear 129 Harley Street team:

Happy New Year! I recently had two facial surgeries with Dr Kavouni involving a number of procedures following a couple other procedures over the past years.

First would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Kavouni and the whole team for a fantastic service, the comfort of knowing that I am always in good hands, and of course most importantly the great results - albeit I am still healing at present to see the final result from my most recent surgery.

I wanted to leave some feedback about my most recent post surgery recovery experience which I feel very strongly about, hoping this will help other patients:

As with all surgeries patience is a virtue during the recovery, something which certainly is not my strong point, especially as I rely on commercial modelling as an additional income source. Albeit I am fit and healthy, I am prone to heavy bruising and swelling. Following my procedure with Dr Kavouni in the late summer 2016 I was recommended Lymphatic drainage with Pepper for that reason, as my facial swelling and bruising appeared to resolve (too) slowly causing me great frustration. Admittedly was extremely skeptical about the (any) benefits that could be gained from such therapy but nonetheless decided to give it a try. It turns out it was the best decision I could have ever made as both the immediate results after only one session as well as the rapid improvement throughout repeat treatments allowed me to resume my normal work and social activities so much quicker than I would have without it!

My most recent surgery involved a combination of three facial procedures and I unfortunately still had significant swelling, restriction of facial mobility and bruising three weeks into the recovery - I felt it would never subside and was very worried to start my new job in only a few days feeling very uncomfortable and depressed about the facial deformity due to the swelling! I hence decided to book with Pepper for Lymphatic drainage again in the hope it might help. I was prepared for only minimal results this time given the multiple procedures combined caused extra swelling. I am very pleased and thankful to say that not only did it achieve an extraordinary improvement already after the first session but in fact reduced both the swelling and bruising by almost 90% after the second session that same week, literally one day before I am to start my new job (today)! It goes without saying that the benefits of the Lymphatic drainage had a significant impact on my visual recovery (and psychological comfort) and I therefore wanted to ensure I share this experience (miracle work!) with the team. As I have experienced the undeniable benefits first hand, I hope this feedback will be useful encouragement to other patients who like myself may feel frustration and impatience during their recovery. I simply cannot recommend it enough and for me personally it was instrumental to a (much) quick(er) recovery & healing. I would be happy to be a testimonial for other patients.

Greeting card

I had been researching plastic surgeons for months and months but with no success. Then I watched “Embarrassing Bodies” for the first and only time!! And I found Angelica Kavouni! I immediately found Cosmetic Solutions on Harley Street, Angelica’s clinic and made an appointment.

I had my first appointment in February 2013. The staff were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable straight away. Angelica put me at ease as soon as I met her and she explained what she would do for me. We had a general chat about breast implants and liposculpture. I had 3 visits to Angelica whilst I made my decision.

In July I had surgery for breast implants and liposculpture on my legs. And I am transformed! I am absolutely thrilled with the results – I am excited to be able to buy a whole new wardrobe for my wonderful new breasts – was 32A now 32E! WOW – it’s fabulous!!!

I want everyone to know what a wonderful experience it was and how much Angelica and her whole team helped, made me feel at ease and gave me a wonderful body!!!

Greeting card

All the best for the festive season.

Thanks for making it possible for me to wear the clothes I only dreamt of wearing before this op.

Greeting card

Dear Angelica, small thank you for all that you have done for me...

Greeting card

Thanks to your magic hands and marvellous skill as a surgeon, I am now able to wear such cloths as this with pride!! My heartfelt thanks to you.

Greeting card

Dear Angelica,
I am writing this from the beach "topless"! Arghh, first time ever in my life!! Such a contrast from last years holiday - worrying about padding in my top or it riding up!! So less white bits!

Also pleased to say that my eyes do not look like puff balls as norm. Well it is now time to go as strut my stuff into the sea and turn a few heads (at my age to turn even one is a compliment!!) Lots of love Maureen xxx

Many thanks for turning me into a "beach babe"!!

Greeting card

Dear Angelica,
Thank you so much. I'm delighted with the result. Daphne

Dear Angelica,
Just to say I am absolutely thrilled with the recent Restylane treatment on my face and will definitely be back for more when needed. Thank you so much. Best regards Sally

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Dear Angelica,
I hope you enjoyed watching my "Extreme Makeover" programme! All my friends and myself thought it was very good. The difference you made to my appearance was astounding! I will always remember "2006" as one of the best years of my life, the year my dream came true. I sincerely thank you Angelica and all your staff for looking after me so well. A Very Happy Christmas To You All! Love from Elaine (extreme makeover)

"I have just had the "wedding package" at Cosmetic Solutions and am over the moon with the results. A combination of the enerpeel (which had no side effects) and the fillers definitely made me look and feel fresher and younger. I am now ready for my wedding photos in 4 weeks time! Many thanks to both Angelica and Philippa!" Suzanne

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To Angelica,
Thank you for everything, you have done a fantastic job. It might only have been another day in surgery for you but it was life changing for me. Love Julia

Greeting card

Dear Angelica,
Thank you very much for carrying out my operation so efficiently and without fuss. The staff at Holly house were all very friendly and discreet. I can steadily see a big difference and know that it will change the way I feel about myself in the future. Philippa was also a great support throughout and very patient with me! I will recommend you to all my friends and family and wish you well for the future.

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Dear Angelica, Philippa and Margret,
Just a little note to thank you all so much for making my whole experience from beginning to end so easy and pleasant. The whole experience was so much better than I'd ever imagined and its down to you all. Many Thanks Again, Vicky x

Greeting card Greeting card

Hi Angelica and Phillipa
I thought I'd sent this long ago but have just wanted to say a massive big thank you. Dr Angelica Ekharisto!! (not sure how to spell it). I was extremely happy with the surgery I have a lot more confidence, and even better I hardly had any pain or discomfort throughout. There was no inconvenience to my life.

As I said to Angelica yesterday, I had no idea there were so many of us out there - in all my nursing years I never saw any ladies with a similar issue. It actually makes me feel better knowing I was not that 'odd' after all although it doesn't change my pleasure in my new body image.